AIC 4000 Veritas fuel flow meters

AIC 4004 Veritas fuel flow meter

The AIC 4000 VERITAS fuel consumption measuring flow meter is an “all-in-one” solution designed for permanent mount on vehicles chassis. It is the perfect tool for fleet management applications. Moreover, the AIC 4000 VERITAS provides with consumption measuring information system to train, monitor and help drivers and pilot in becoming more fuel efficient and conscientious. Thanks to the high rate sensor the real consumption data can be interpolated with the distance variable input to provide accurate instantaneous fuel consumption ratio such as L/100km, MPG.

Fleet managers and owners have a tool to compare assets and drivers fuel efficiency accurately, using real world numbers collected by the same device across their whole fleet. The fuel consumption data acquisition is open. Connection with third party electronic is free and easy with various AIC displays.

This compact “all-in-one” unit comprises a sturdy protection hood, a standard fuel filter, a stainless steel mounting bracket and the AIC Original Vortex Head.

This device uses the AIC original direct measuring principle to achieve precise and reliable fuel consumption measurement on any diesel engine up to 515KW (700HP).

The units are factory calibrated and ready to measure accurately right after installation. Free of additional setup after installation.