AIC 7000 NEMO fuel flow meters

AIC 7000 NEMO fuel flow meters

New generation of AIC fuel flowmeters !

AIC 7000 NEMO is designed for fuel consumption measurement on internal combustion engines. The ease of use, robust and durable design more than 30 years and the unique Swiss quality of the systems make AIC 7000 NEMO suitable for gasoline, diesel, biofuel and alcohol based fuel consumption measurement.

AIC 7000 NEMO is :

  • Improved fluid management implemented
  • Instantaneous mass flow indication in kg or lbs
  • Showing the real time CO2 exhaustion

Designed for withstanding harsh environment AIC 7000 NEMO is a highly accurate and reliable tool for mobile testing application for medium and large trucks, buses, construction and demolition, agriculture machines, tyres manufacturer.