AIC S1607 pulse converter

The AIC S1607 Pulse Converter allows simultaneous connection of an AIC fuel flowmeter with an AIC board computer and a third party data acquisition system.

The Pulse Converter boosts the consumption output signal and provides an additional PNP consumption signal output which can be used for third party data acquisition systems connection when necessary.

The AIC S1607 Pulse Converter gives you the following advantages :

  • Easy to operate
  • Proven integration with VBOX
  • four options to cover various integrations


When third party data acquisition systems are not able to read the 0.7 ms consumption output pulse delivered by AIC High Rate flow sensors, the AIC S1607 Pulse Converter can convert the signal into various formats :

  • 50 % Duty Cycle, order # S1607.50
  • 25 % Duty Cycle, order # S1607.25
  • 12,5 % Duty Cycle, order # S1607.12
  • Split Box, order # S1607.00

This signal can be acquired in either PNP or NPN format.

Note: The duty cycle conversion process induces a delay of one pulse due to internal measuring procedures. The Split Box (#S1607.00) has no pulse delay and pulse width is not changed at all.

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