DT 3080 GPS Data Tracking telematic

Used in combination with the “all-in-one” fuel consumption measuring flowmeter model AIC Veritas, the DT 3080 telematic will transmit accurate fuel consumption, distance, route, engine on and off status data over the GPRS network to a web platform.

The collected data are accessible worldwide via personal password on any computer with internet access. The vehicle location and route are displayed in real time as well constant fuel consumption information update.

On the website, various reports are made available for fleet manager. In the meantime, custom documents can be created.


  • Real time tracking. Logging interval settable by time, distance, engine status, speed or heading changes
  • Speeding alert function available
  • Idling control, geofencing and engine on and off monitoring
  • Harsh acceleration and braking can be acquired
  • Individual reports can be created
  • External GPS antenna included with antenna jamming and tampering detection

The DT 3080 main applications are :

  • Fleet Management
  • Driver motivation and rewarding program
  • Driver management and training
  • Fuel savings actions
  • Fuel efficiency improvement
  • Fuel theft combat

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Technical info
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