Forestry and landscaping


You are building machines for the forestry and landscaping industries. Your priorities are to offer a robust and profitable equipment. Fuel consumption accuracy is a major asset to convince your customers to buy your products. Then you have to provide them with accurate and reliable fuel consumption figures, made with a worldwide reference in fuel flow meters.

AIC Systems has developed the direct measurement technology during the last 40 years to offer you a unique and tailor-made fuel consumption solution.


Easy to install and ready to use, the AIC fuel flow meter can be adapted on all diesel engines. All data are recorded and displayed on our board computers. Then, they can be exported and processed for analysis.

Since 1978, worldwide forestry and landscaping machines manufacturers have put their confidence in AIC fuel measurement solutions. We do not only product a tool, we offer a dedicated solution. That’s the big difference !


Whether your machines are made for forest road building, reforestation, extraction, loading or transportation, we will offer you the perfect solution that suits your needs. Our fuel flow meters are adapted to dozers, excavators, motor graders, skid steer loaders, tele handlers or wheel loaders.
So, we are looking forward to start a rewarding collaboration with you, that will result in a win-win long-term relation.
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