About us

In 1978 AIC Systems AG develops the first fuel consumption measuring system. This solution is based on the direct measurement technology, with guaranteed high accuracy in the total fuel consumption online mobile measurement.

In 2004, AIC Systems AG is acquired by new owners and Mr. Conraux is the new CEO and moves the company to a larger office in Allschwil/BL Switzerland.

In the following years, Mr. Conraux works hard to develop the applications and the distributors network. He goes around the world to find new customers with always the same objective: to demonstrate in live on how accurate and reliable our fuel flow meter solutions are. This had work leads AIC Systems AG to a wide market acceptance and customer success.

Still his hard-working ethic is written in AIC Systems AG’s DNA and in spite of any circumstances, we always managed to provide our customers with the best solutions, tools and best in class service approach, and that is what we will always do.

It is now 40 years ago that AIC Systems AG introduced the first competitive solution for accurately and reliably measuring fuel consumption on mobile assets. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, AIC Systems AG fuel flow meters and fuel consumption measuring solutions are endorsed everyday by engineers, developers, fleet and assets managers, drivers and pilots. Today our systems are used worldwide for testing and improving fuel efficiency of engines, trucks, machines and all kinds of mobile and stationary assets.

Our customers

Household names in the truck industry, defence, construction and mining industry use AIC Systems AG products.