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AIC BC-3329

  • Input: voltage & current or temperature, special conversions
  • 4 digit LCD display, 15mm, color adjustable
  • Programmable by computer or laptop with programming unit
  • Universal supply 20…253VAC or DC, galvanic isolated
  • Flush mounting 96mm x 48mm
Technical info
AIC 4004 Veritas fuel flow meter


  • The  AIC Board Computer-3329 is used to indicate or monitor any sensor signal. It converts the input signal to an internal standard signal of for example 0 to 100.0%. In this range two alarm contacts can be set independently.
  • The 4-digit measuring value, as well as the status of the alarm contacts, is shown on an easy to read AIC Board Computer-3329.
  • All settings as alarm values, hysteresis, range and operating mode of the floating contacts can be set with a link cable, connected to a personal computer or a laptop. Both limit values can also be changed directly on the device using push buttons.

The AIC Board Computer-3329 applications are very large :

  • A typical application would be to measure and monitor pressure in a process vessel.
  • The pressure transmitter converts the pressure of 1 to 10 bar to a current signal of 4 to 20mA.
  • The AIC BC-3329 monitors under and overpressure in the vessel. It converts the 4… 20mA signal current to 1.00bar…10.00bar.
  • The alarm contacts can be set between 1bar and 10bar.
  • With these floating alarm contacts, overpressure valves, compressors, etc. are driven directly.
  • Optionally, a galvanic isolated output signal of 0…20mA or 4…20mA is available.
  • The digital display AIC BC-3329 uses a universal supply from 20 to 253VAC/DC.