AIC BC 3329 board computer

The AIC BC 3329 board computer displays, calculates and logs easily your instantaneous fuel consumption data, cumulative measured values as well as
speed/ distance and lap routine. On-board vehicle and large LCD display with a top intuitive handling.

A metal body, a compact design and simple mounting ensure that the BC3329 fits perfectly in any cab. We support you to document fuel consumption and CO2 emission values measured under realistic test conditions.

  • View instantaneous fuel consumption
  • Average fuel consumption (3 decimals)
  • Fuel consumption accumulation
  • Travel time
  • Lap routine for later calculations of the individual lap characteristic
  • Travel speed average, if a speed sensor is connected
  • Distance and lap travelled
  • Trip hours
  • Reading in metric or imperial units
  • Power supply 20-28 VAC/DC , 9-12VAC and optional 253VAC/DC
  • Easy to use USB – logger, USB memory stick not included
  • Easy control with start, stop logs and reset functions
  • All settings are stored and will not be lost in the event of power failure
  • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese
Technical info
AIC 4004 Veritas fuel flow meter


  • Dimensions : 127 x 130 x 56 mm / 5” x 5.1” x 2.2”
  • Display : LCD (UV resistant), 4 screens lines, various characters, symbols and units
  • Keyboard : Micro-switch push-button (UV-resistant keypad)
  • Working temperature range : -5°C to +80°C
  • Housing : 2 mm coated steel
  • IP : 32
  • Maximum humidity : 95%, non-condensing
  • Certification : EMC certified according to EN 52121-3-2:2006
  • Supply voltage : 9 to 12 VAC/ 20 to 28 VAC/DC/ Optional 20 to 253 VAC/
  • The  AIC Board Computer-3329 is used to indicate or monitor our sensor signals
  • The 4-digit measuring value, as well as the status of the alarm contacts, is shown on an easy to read AIC Board Computer-3329
  • All settings as alarm values, hysteresis, range and operating mode of the floating contacts can be set with a link cable, connected to a personal computer or a laptop. Both limit values can also be changed directly on the device using push buttons

Get more information about the BC 3329 by downloading the product flyer.


  • R&D testing: vehicle fuel consumption monitoring for medium and large trucks, buses, construction, demolition and agriculture machines
  • Diesel electrical generator
  • Fleet management applications

Features and benefits

  • Together with the fuel measuring sensor you are reaching the highest accuracy for monitoring your vehicle consumption either for testing, billing application or fleet management
  • Data easily retrievable via a FAT 32 formatted USB key stick
  • Robust housing for shock protection


  • Signal cable 10m /mobile appl. 12 / 24 VDC (from AIC 6000 to BC 3329)
  • Signal cable 10 m (from AIC 800, 900, 4000 to BC) S1607 Pulse Box
  • Signal cable 10m /mobile appl. 12 / 24 VDC (from AIC 6000 to the Pulse Box)
  • Signal cable 10m (from AIC 800, 900, 4000 to Pulse Box) Signal cable from Pulse Stretcher to BC 3329
  • Signal cable form Pulse Stretcher to the 3rd party (end free)
  • Power supply for the Pulse Stretcher