AIC BC 3329

The AIC BC 3329 board computer displays, calculates and logs easily your instantaneous fuel consumption data in volume and mass simultaneously, cumulative measured values as well as speed/distance and lap routine are possible. On-board vehicle and large LCD display with a top intuitive handling.

The AIC BC 3329 main applications are :

  • R&D testing: vehicle fuel consumption monitoring for medium and large trucks, buses, construction, demolition and agriculture machines
  • Diesel electrical generator
  • Fleet management applications

A metal body, a compact design and simple mounting ensure that the BC3329 fits perfectly in any cab. We support you to document fuel consumption and CO2 emission values measured under realistic mobile test conditions.

  • View instantaneous fuel consumption and CO2 emission
  • Average fuel consumption (3 decimals)
  • Fuel consumption accumulation
  • Lap routine for later calculations of the individual lap characteristic
  • Travel speed average, if a speed sensor is connected
  • Distance and lap travelled
  • Reading in metric or imperial units
  • Power supply 20-28 VAC/DC , 9-12VAC and optional 253VAC/DC
  • Easy to use USB – logger, USB memory stick not included
  • Easy control with start, stop logs and reset functions
  • All settings are stored and will not be lost in the event of power failure
  • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese

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