AIC Press Ride application

Optimize your press test procedure and log the fuel consumption data in terms of volume, mass flow and CO2 emissions automatically in the simplest and most precise way. The new AIC Press Ride application with intuitive handling and excellent reproducibility are good reasons to choose the AIC all-in one solution.

No more stopwatch and paper in the cabin

With AIC Press Ride, no need for a notepad or a stopwatch : Press Ride does the job with efficiency and accuracy.

The AIC Press Ride app with its small foot print is very easy to use in every cabin and the system set-up is just a minute way for your in-house single handed press test.
To start the sequence you push the palm button once and for every measuring point (MP) on your way you push the palm button once again. To stop the recording, just push twice the palm button. Phase 1, 2 and 3 are recorded and by stopping the logging you can retrieve the data of all three phases for further analysis.

Why should I choose AIC ?

AIC has been serving now for more than 40 years the industry with state of the art and precise fuel flow measuring instrumentation and integrated fuel consumption data analyzing solutions.

With the latest NEMO technology which provides as well mass flow and an easy CO2 presentation boosting the efficiency of your big data needs. Choose the best solution for your business from the wide range AIC has to offer for you.


  • With the fuel measuring sensor you are reaching the highest accuracy for monitoring your equipment
  • One person can perform the test or press trip and retrieves all data points
  • ROI in less than two weeks

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AIC 700 NEMO set with BC 3329 AIC board computer recording CO2 emissions.
AIC 700 NEMO set with BC 3329 AIC board computer recording CO2 emissions.