AIC 700 NEMO set

Display and log your instantaneous fuel consumption data in volume, mass and emitting CO2 value just as easy as abc.
The AIC 700 NEMO on-board vehicle fuel burn meter and the BC 3329 with a large LCD display and an unseen intuitive handling are all good reasons to decide for the AIC set-up.

All-in-one & ready to go

In order to meet today’s requirements, a high-quality measuring instrument including a reliable data acquisition is necessary to meet the performance requirements.

The AIC 700 NEMO SET is a comprehensive plug-in-play solution delivered in a robust protecting transport case including:

  • AIC 700 NEMO flowmeter with integrated PT1000 temperature probe
  • BC 3329 board computer for easy log, retrieving and processing of data
  • Cabin stand for quickest installation in any cabin
  • 16.4 ft _ 5 m signal cable to connect AIC 700 NEMO to the BC 3329

Accurate & easy to install

The measuring device AIC 700 NEMO with its small foot print is very easy to install in the engine compartment and the set-up to the board computer is just a minute way.

  • Qmin 0.26 gph _ 1 l/h
  • Qmax 22 gph _ 80 l/h
  • Accuracy better than +/- 0.5 % over the range
  • Repeatability better than +/- 0.2 % over the range
  • Nominal pressure 360 psi _ 25 bar
  • Hydraulic connection with two hose nozzles 1/3 ” _ 8,5 mm
  • Suitable for engines with and without open-loop fuel supply (without return to the tank)

The Board Computer BC 3329 with large screen LCD digital display for all AIC flow sensors.
This features the following display possibilities:

  • View instantaneous fuel consumption in volume, mass and CO2 exhaustion fuel consumption with 3 decimals and fuel temperature
  • Fuel consumption with 3 decimals and fuel temperature
  • Fuel consumption accumulation and average
  • Lap routine for later calculations of the individual lap characteristic
  • Travel time and speed average, (if speed sensor is connected)
  • Readings in metric or imperial units
  • Multiple power supplies 20-28 VAC/DC, 9-12 VDC or and optional 100-253VAC/DC
  • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese

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AIC 4004 Veritas fuel flow meter

AIC 700 fuel flow meter

AIC BC 3329 board computer analyzes fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

AIC BC 3329 board computer

AIC 700 NEMO set with BC 3329 AIC board computer recording CO2 emissions.
AIC 700 NEMO set with BC 3329 AIC board computer recording CO2 emissions.