AIC 300

The AIC 300 minimises your cost of ownership combined with a compact flow meter as positive displacement flowmeters measure the actual volume of fluid as it passes through the flowmeter and a remote display RD 100. The positive displacement flowmeter provides direct flow measurement as measurements are taken by entrapping fluid between components housed in a chamber.

While versatile, these flow meters are best suited for applications that do not involve fluids containing large particles or pockets of air, as this can affect the functionality of the flowmeter and reliability of your measurements of up to 3000 l/h or 793 gph.

Advantages of positive displacement flow meters include:

  • High accuracy
  • Suitable for corrosive fluids and sanitary applications
  • Handles a wide variety of fluid viscosities
  • Reduced by-pass/slippage
  • Compability with high-pressure applications
  • Low maintenance, especially when used with lubricating process media

Looking for an agile and scalable automation solution that future-proofs your business?

Versatile and Reliable Positive Displacement Flowmeter

Options include high-pressure and chemical resistant models and flowmeters with programmable digital displays and varied outputs. If you require a specific model or have special requirements, we’ll help you find the right flowmeter for your application.

Industries that utilise positive displacement flowmeters include:

  • Municipal water treatment
  • Industrial chemical treatment
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing
  • Oil and gas processing

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