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AIC solutions for agriculture and farming equipment


Hard working men need a tool they can rely on with no care of the conditions. As they remain focused on their work, the AIC technology is working for them, and that’s what matters.

Nowadays, agriculture requires high technology tools to reach a profitable production. Each parameter must be optimized to get the best of it and make sustainable profits. Enhancing the agricultural techniques today will be an asset for tomorrow.


Thus, tractors and agricultural machinery manufacturers need a reliable tool to increase their production efficiency. Fuel consumption, accurate and real time information or money savings are unavoidable information that a tractor or agricultural machines manufacturer needs to enhance his products.

Moreover, the agricultural industry needs a robust tool that will be efficient even in hard and extreme conditions. Precision is not a matter of test benches : it is also a challenge in every environment the user will meet in real life !


AIC has developed a specific range of solutions for agriculture in term of fuel consumption and information analytics and display. No doubt that our tools will meet your requirements !

We can demonstrate the basic of our solutions in a few minutes ! Your time is precious and we care about it. Contact us for a quick overview of what tailored made solutions we can bring you.