AIC 700 NEMO fuel flow sensor

Display and log the current fuel consumption data in terms of volume, mass flow and CO2 emissions in the simplest and most precise way. The new AIC 700 NEMO fuel consumption meter and the Board Computer 3329 with a large LCD display and intuitive handling are good reasons to choose the AIC all-in one solution.

Accurate & robust

In order to meet today’s requirements, a high-quality measuring instrument including a reliable data acquisition is necessary to meet the performance specifications.

The AIC 700 NEMO was developed for this purpose, which offers all the advantages of a modern measuring device such as high measuring accuracy, excellent reproducibility, robustness, high resolution, etc.

Easy to install & ready to go

The measuring device AIC 700 with its small foot print is very easy to install in the engine compartment and the set-up to the board computer is just a minute way.

Typical installation

Typical installation with AIC 700 NEMO fuel consumption meter with M12 connector to the AIC BC 3329 board computer.

AIC 700 NEMO fuel consumption meter with M12 connector to the AIC Board Computer 3329.

Technical info
AIC 4004 Veritas fuel flow meter
NEMO : New Environmental Mastering Option

Features & benefits

  • With the fuel measuring sensor you are reaching the highest accuracy for monitoring your equipment
  • CSV data is easily retrievable onboard with a FAT 32 formatted USB key stick
  • Small footprint and robust housing for shock protection
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Broad range of applications (gasoline, diesel, alcohols and coolant) without to recalibrate the entire system for each fluid
  • Qmin 0.26 Gal/h _ 1 l/h
  • Qmax 22 Gal/h _ 80 l/h
  • Accuracy better than +/- 1 % over the range
  • Repeatability better than +/- 0.2 % over the range
  • Nominal pressure 360 psi _ 25 bar
  • Hydraulic connection with two hose nozzles 1/3 ” _ 8,5 mm

The AIC 700 NEMO is perfectly suited for :

  • Mobile vehicle fuel economy monitoring for small, medium and trucks, mini buses, vans, motorhomes and light agriculture machines
  • Turbo-machinery development technology and small to medium diesel engines

Every AIC 700 NEMO fuel flow sensor can be delivered with the following “ready to go” dedicated accessories :

  • BC 3329 Board Computer
  • DT 3080 GPS tracking system
  • Signal cable for AIC display or logger (10 m)
  • Signal cable third party logger (10 m)
  • Signal cable of different length (on request)
  • Universal hydraulic connexion kit, including various fittings
  • Fuel hose
  • Transport case