Combustion engine testing


Test benches are a concentrate of high technology. Every step is carefully analyzed to provide with the most accurate results. In the testing process, a very small detail can make a huge difference and totally skew the test results.

What happens on a test bench is the genesis of a big project. Involvement and considerations of all parts and aspects is compulsory to certify the best results.


Testing an engine is a long and delicate process. Every tool must be selected with extra-care in terms of sturdiness, accuracy and reliability.

We are aware of the time, the implication and money spent on your testing. We know you put extra-care to obtain the most reliable results that will be essential for the following industrial process.

That’s why at AIC Systems, we have been developing a dedicated range of fuel flowmeters for 40 years to give you the best accuracy (more than 1%). Our original direct measurement is a simple and precise tool that will give you the best results.


You have to test your machines in harsh conditions ? If your equipment is robust, our flowmeters are sturdy ! Thus, you will have to concentrate only on your measures while the AIC fuel flowmeters make the good job.

We know that your expectations are high. That’s why the AIC fuel measurement systems are robust, reliable, accurate and easy to install. We are proud of our products and will be very happy to demonstrate their advantages. So, contact us right now to discover all what AIC solutions can bring to your industry.


AIC BC 3329
Board Computer

AIC board computer BC 3329 is the perfect solution to measure your fuel consumption.

AIC 5000
Fuel Flow Master

The AIC 5004 Fuel Flow Master coupled with the AIC BC 3329 board computer is a reliable and precise fuel consumption tool.