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Always track your vehicles, reduce costs and boost your productivity and increase safety.

We work with the leading companies to offer scalable cloud solutions. Here we do combine the core competencies of accurate fuel flow measurement with innovative Software as a Service.
Easy overview of KPI’s to keep you up to date with performance in real time using any operating system and any web browser.
To return your investment in a short period of time is our key feature.
The focus is on the following functions:

  • Locate your vehicles 24/7
  • Cut fuel and maintenance costs
  • Optimise your business processes and improve your service

Do you want to reduce your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions? Then contact us to find the right solution for your aplication.

In 2009, a competition was organized by a German specialized newspaper. The aim was to connect the cities of Zweitenkirchen in Germany to Milan, Italy while consuming as little fuel as possible. The main European trucks manufacturers participated to this wonderful adventure.

What solution did they use to provide an accurate and reliable fuel consumption measurement ? The AIC technology, of course !

The film above relates the story (German speaking).


AIC 900

The AIC 900 Veritas fuel flow meter is the perfect tool to measure your direct diesel consumption.

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AIC 4000

AIC 4000 Veritas fuel flow meter

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BC 3329
Board Computer

AIC board computer BC 3329 is the perfect solution to measure your fuel consumption.

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